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How long do your packages and products take?

Our Back to 1700’s research packages will be completed and delivered to you usually within 6-8 weeks. Our other products have variable delivery rates, so please enquire if you would like to know how long your specific package or product will take. We CAN prioritise your research or product if you ask us too. This is subject to our current research load.

What if you can’t find my family?

When we receive our forms completed by you our researchers make an initial assessment that establishes whether the family history will be researchable. It is very rare for this to happen, and we assess on a client-by-client basis.

I live outside of Australia, can you research my family history?

Yes! Ancestral Story researchers can research for anyone living in any country – however what is important is where your ancestors were from. We can research lines originating from Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Australia and New Zealand. If you have ancestry from other countries that you would like researched please contact us using the enquiry tab above to see if we can contact a specialist in that country to research for you.

Do you research adoptions?

We CAN help with historical adoptions (such as an adopted great grandparent).  Information relating to living adopted people however are not made available publicly.  If you are interested in finding parentage for adopted people, call us and we’d love to help if we are able.  Alternatively please contact the relevant authority in your state or country.

What is your Privacy Policy ?

See our About page for our Privacy Policy.

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