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Our Genealogical Research Packages

To make it easier for our clients to understand what we do as genealogists we have created genealogical
research packages – that way you’ll know what you’re paying for and we’ll know what particular interests you have
in your family history! We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or need any help in choosing the right
package – our most popular family history research package is our Back to 1700’s package.

Family History Research Packages

Back to the 1700's

• 5-8 Generations
• Most Popular Package
• Convicts/Free Settlers
• Occupations + more!
$395+Learn More

1700's to 1500's

• One Grandparent’s side
• UK Roots
• Royal ancestry?
• Baptisms/marriages/burials
$695Learn More

Social History Research Packages

Three Generations

• Social history narrative
• Who and Where?
• What and Why?
• Historical Timeline
$795Learn More

One Family

• Parents + their Children
• Social history narrative
• Who and Where?
• What and Why?
$695Learn More

Ancestral Travel

• A holiday!
• Itinerary/Bookings
• See ancestor’s towns
• Churches/graves/villages
$195Learn More


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