Brick Wall Busting

Frustrated with an ancestor that just refuses to yield to your thirst for information? Want help in knocking down a Brick Wall in your research?

We will give your Brick Wall a go with a guarantee that we can help you tear it down, and sometimes even tear it down for you.

Your report will contain:

  • Research (using our large database of genealogical records) carried out on your Brick Wall.
  • Further research options that you may want to take up yourself or have us do for you. These further options usually involve records that we have limited access to due to their location, high cost, privacy laws or other reasons that are explained to you. Our researcher will make sure to explain to you why these records could help with your research, and also how to go about accessing these records.
  • And, if applicable and available, the contact details of a specialist in an area relevant to your Brick Wall (such as a genealogical specialist on adoption records).

We assess all Brick Walls before payment to see if we can help, and if we can’t we will let you know and our researcher will point you in the right direction to find help elsewhere. But if we CAN help you simply make the payment and one of our researchers will get started!

Cost: $199


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