One Family

Know your ancestors as if an old friend! In this package we will discover and present the story of a chosen Family in your ancestral line.  We will present a:

1.  Family Tree of

  • Parents (of the couple) – includes an element of the Brick Wall Busting package
  • brothers and sisters (of the couple)
  • their children
With details such as:
  • Names
  • Birth, death, marriage details and sometimes christening and burial details
  • Occupations
  • Convict details
  • Immigration details
  • Addresses
  • Servant’s names – and more!

2.  Written Story of the family:  A 2 page social history narrative including any related images that we might uncover.  We focus on contemporary world events,  occupations and the cultural significance of events in their home at that time – we include:

  • Country/Town most significant to the family
  • Life at the time/local cultures
  • A Surname history
  • What we might uncover: historical documents, related images, wills, news articles, immigration records, military records, tombstone pictures etc.
  • and more!
We’re also love to hear your questions about the family and what you hope to uncover – whatever is important to you we can dedicate focus to, and try but cant guarantee that any particular detail will be uncovered.

The One Family comes with a fan chart, a research report, the research itself and a digital file of the research. This can either be emailed or posted, it’s up to you! Just choose which family you want to explore the social history of, and we do the rest.

See the Presentation menu to the right for information on presenting this research in books, on canvas and more.

Cost: $595


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