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What does your surname mean? What is the origin of your surname?

The nobility of the United Kingdom have been using surnames since the 1300’s, with many in the lower classes not having a surname until the 1600’s. Today there are millions of surnames in use all with their own interesting and unique origins.

Our genealogists will research your surname and find its likely origins using the study of words (etymology) and historical records. The research is then displayed for you in a designed scroll and sent to you.

Just choose whether you would like your own surname researched, or perhaps one or more surnames from your family history, and we will do the research for you. If our genealogists are unsuccessful in researching your surname we will give you a full refund!

How Much?

  • One Surname = $49
  • Two Surnames = $79
  • Four Surnames = $99

If you want more than four surnames researched, and would like a further discount please enquire with us using the tab above as we’re happy to accommodate!

Each surname will be printed

For more information on Surname Origins have a look at our quick reference article here.

Please remember that Surname Origins should not replace Family History research but should complement it, especially when your surname has multiple possible origins. In your Family History being researched you might discover just which origin is more likely, with your ancestors perhaps ending up in the village or occupation that inspired the creation of their surname.  Our Back to 1700’s package comes with surname histories as a part of the bound research presentation.


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