Three Generations

Know your ancestors as if an old friend! In this package we will carry out in-depth social history research on three generations of a surname (two grandparents, their children and their grandchildren). The information gained can vary, as every ancestor has their own unique story, but this will always include research on:

  • The countries involved
  • Areas the family lived in
  • Occupation
  • Social status
  • Life at the time
  • A Surname history
  • and more!

The Three Generations package comes with a fan chart, a research report, the research itself and a digital file of the research. This can either be emailed or posted, it’s up to you! Just choose which three generations of a family you want to explore, and we do the rest.

See the Presentation menu to the right for information on presenting this research in books, on canvas and more.

Cost: $895


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